Mediation and Arbitration

For separating couples who wish reach agreement with the help of a neutral third party, Valerie is available to act as either your mediator or mediator/arbitrator.



Mediation is a voluntary process that can be terminated at any time by either party. Most people agree to "closed mediation", which means that anything discussed during the mediation is completely confidential and, if settlement is not reached, cannot be referred to in any subsequent proceeding.


In her role as a neutral mediator, Valerie is not able to provide independent legal advice to either party. People interested in mediation are encouraged to obtain their own independent legal advice early in the process.


Valerie will first meet with each party individually to obtain background information and to understand the issues that need to be addressed. Mediation sessions are then held, either with or without the parties' lawyers present depending on each party's preference and the complexity of their issues.


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Retaining Valerie as Your Mediator or Arbitrator:

If you and your former spouse wish to retain Valerie as your mediator or arbitrator, please call our office at 905.665.9594 or email us at We will provide you with further information about the process and cost for retaining Valerie as your mediator or arbitrator.

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